Public announcement from Koka City

 Although Corona Virus (COVID-19) cases have not been reported within Shiga Prefecture, it is critical to take all counter measurements to prevent and slow down its widespread. Please be advised on the followings, and we ask for your full cooperation and understanding.

 1: Please stay inside and avoid unnecessary outings. Advise your child(ren) to stay at home as schools are temporarily closed.

2: Until March 15th, all events and gatherings hosted by Koka City will be cancelled or postponed. Community centers and public libraries will remain open, however, please reschedule any meetings and gatherings where possible.

3: The following museums will be closed until March 15th: Shigaraki Dento Sangyo Kaikan, Kusuri Gakushukan, Shigaraki Sangyo Tenjikan, Minakuchi Kodomono Mori Shizenkan, Rekishi Minzoku Shiryokan (in Minakuchi, Tsuchiyama, Koka), Minakuchijo Shiryokan, Tokaido Denmakan, Konan Fureaikan, Shigaraki Gushi Kanren Isekigun Hakkutsu Chosa Jimusho.

4: With the government statement announced on February 28th, all elementary and junior high schools will be closed from March 2nd to 24th. Furthermore, afterschool programs Hokago Jido Club/Gakudo Hoiku will be closed during the same period. Details of the temporal closure will be announced directly from the school. Under dire circumstances, school(s) may open to take in your child(ren). Please consult with your child’s school first.

5: Nursery schools and kindergartens will remain open. However, we would like to ask for your full cooperation in taking care of you child(ren) at home, as safety and health of our children should hold the highest priority. Details will be communicated directly from nursery school/kindergarten.

6: Please follow the proper prevention practices: washing hands, gargle, and cough into tissue or the crook of elbow.


I wholeheartedly appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this unprecedented situations.

February 28, 2020

Hiroki Iwanaga

Koka City Mayor