Experience the secret Koga Ninja Arts

Operating Hours
9:00 - 16:30
Adults: 600 yen
Children: 300 yen
20 minute walk from JR Konan Station
http://www.kouka-ninjya.com/ (Japanese only)

  This estate was built over 300 years ago for the famous ninja leader Mochizuki Izumonokami. From the outside, this estate looks the same as the other homes in the area, however the inside clandestinely reveals the characteristics of a ninja residence. You will see a number of trap doors, false walls and hidden rooms that were designed to protect the home from potential intruders, . You will have an opportunity to see a display of actual ninja weaponry and other historical artifacts, You can even take a try at throwing ninja stars. The gift shop sells small souvenirs, and everyone can sample a specially blended health tea that the ninjas often prepared.

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