To citizens of Koka City

The state of emergency will end on September 30(Thu).

In August and September, many people in Koka city were infected with coronavirus. At the peak, more than 20 people were infected with coronavirus a day. However, thanks to everyone's effort, the infection rate has decreased. 

Therefore, we will lower the risk level from "level 4 (Dangerous)" to "level 2(Please be careful)". The gymnasiums, public halls, and other public facilities will open from October 1. Elementary schools and junior high schools of Koka city will resume events or club activities. Further information will be given from school.

Although the infections have gone down, we must still keep alert. The coronavirus infections will increase again in cold seasons as well as that of the flu infection.
We will do our best to prevent coronavirus infections. We highly appreciate your cooperation.


September 29, 2021
Hiroki Iwanaga
Mayor of Koka City