Each resident will be notified of own Individual Number (“My Number”) beginning in November 2015.

 The Social Security and Tax Number System will be implemented starting October 2015, and every person with a resident record (Juminhyo) will be issued 12 digit Individual Number (also known as “My Number”).

Each person will be assigned a unique set of 12 digit Individual Number which will be used throughout life. Except for the case where it has been leaked or misused, your Individual Number will not be changed thus please take proper steps to protect it.

A notification card with your Individual Number will be mailed, per family unit, to the address registered under the resident record as of October 5th, 2015. Please note that the notification card will not be forwarded to your new address because the card will be mailed as a registered mail without mail forwarding service.

Starting date of the delivery of “Notification Card” in Koka is as follows

Kosei Post Office District (Tsuchiyama, Koka, Kokan and Shigaraki Town): November 11 (Wed)

Minakuchi Post Office District (Minakuchi Town): November 11 (Wed)

For more details on the contents of the notification card, please refer to the leaflet below.



Please download the English leaflet from the link here.



The notification card will contain your name, address, date of birth, sex and the Individual Number. Your picture will not be shown on the card, so please know that the notification card alone cannot be used as identification.



A call center for the Social Security and Tax Number System.

 For English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese please dial 0570-20-0291.



0570-20-0178 (Navigation dial for inquiry)

Please make sure to dial the correct number.


Navigation dial is a toll number.


If the above phone number cannot be reached due to the use of IP phone and other reasons, please dial 050-3816-9405.